Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

I Am So Done With Health Insurance...

I am up to my ass in health insurance stuff right now. I guess I really should explain and give you all a little background. I am turning 24 here at the end of the month (the 28th if you are too lazy to figure it out or look it up), and am getting "kicked off" my parents insurance. When I turn 24, I will be too old to qualify as a dependant on my parents insurance, so now I must get my own. There are lots of options out there in regard to health insurance, and I must admit that it’s a bit overwhelming to tell you the truth.

The first one option is something known as the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act otherwise known as COBRA (who the hell comes up with these acronyms anyway?). COBRA would allow me to remain on the same health plan that I had been on under my parents, but requires that I and/or my parents pay more (I think all) of the monthly premiums. COBRA would be a great option since I know that all my doctors are covered under it and basically nothing would change. The only problem with COBRA is the freaking cost. COBRA would run just over 300 dollars per month, which is so not in my budget!

Now a cheaper option is to sign on to the insurance we have at work. Looking into this, it really sounded great. It would only costs 16 dollars a week, which after some funny math comes out to about 70 dollars a month and it would all be taken out of my paycheck before taxes. But after I started to look at it more in-depth, I figured out it was not all that it was cracked up to be. Also, my PCP (Primary care physician) in not covered under the insurance. So that basically killed that option.

Another option is something called individual health plans. Basically these are for people who can not or do not get insurance via other means (like COBRA or work). Looking at a few plans (BlueCross BlueShield of New Mexico and Presbyterian Health Group) I found a few choices that are really good for the most part and fit my budget which is great. The only problem right now, is that I am trying to figure out if my doctors are covered under these. The plan I really want to go with (BlueCross BlueShield) is where my sticking point is right now. I know my PCP is covered, but when it comes to my cardiologist BlueCross's website says that she is covered (I even called to double check), but when I call my cardiologist office, they say they are not. So now I am trying to get in writing from BlueCross that my cardiologist is really covered.

There is one last option and that is no health insurance at all. Wait, sorry, that not an option, never mind, scrap that one.

The big problem is that this is all on a very fast approaching deadline. My current insurance runs out on September 1st, and I need to get something started soon, or I could find myself with out any insurance at all. The one nice thing about the individual health plans is that I am free to change to a different health plan when I want to. So worse comes to worse, I can just sign up with one of them for now, and then later on change if something happens or if I ever find out if my cardiologist is really covered under BlueCross BlueShield or not.
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