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Very Random, Much Needed Update...

Sorry I have not really updated this thing in a couple of weeks minus a few picture posts here and there and my daily Twitter posts. Life has been so crazy busy and classes have not even started up again. Part of me hopes that I do not continue to be this busy when school starts in September, and half of me knows that I will be this busy, if not more busy.

So let me start off by saying that this update is going to seem really random and all over the place. I have a lot of things in my head that I plan to get on to paper in this update and its just going to be all over the place.

So first off, my daily Twitter posts. Do you Like them? Hate them? Let me know!

My daily Twitter posts are really just mirrors my status messages on facebook, or really more so that my status messages on facebook mirror what I post to Twitter. So if you are my friend on facebook and/or Twitter I am sure you already see this crap. But what I want to know is, this something you all want to see or even really do not mind seeing? I am very much on the fence right now if I like having them post here or not. So if you have a view or opinion on it, either way, let me know.

Speaking of crazy busy, the trip to Columbus, OH to move my sister to Washington DC was a success (or as close to one as we could have asked for). We stayed very much ahead of schedule and did not totally kill our selves doing it. I got some pictures I took up on facebook, and then can be seen here. I have more still on my digital cam, but I have not taken the time to look at them and get them on facebook. I hope I will have time here in the next day or two to get that done.

Continuing on the travel front, I leave midday on Thursday for Cleveland, OH for my sister’s ordination. This trip should be more of a vacation then the moving trip, but never less a quick and action packed trip, so we shall see how much "vacationing" I can get in. Her ordination is going to be at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Chagrin Falls, OH which also happened to be her internship site. I must say it will be nice to get back that way and see everyone again.

So last night I got a chance to sit down and watch the Larry King Live interview with Steven Curtis Chapman and his family that I talked about in this post. It was very heart breaking, but also very up-lifting all at the same time, even if that might sound weird. I cried like a baby through parts of the interview and also laughed at parts too. I do not know how they (the Chapman family) keep going after something like that, but they have, and if anything I think it has brought they closer together as a family. If you did not get a chance to see the interview you can see it here (linked at bottom of entry on the page), or the one they did on Good Morning America which you can catch here.

Speaking of Steven Curtis Chapman, a few weeks ago I picked up his newest album off of iTunes. The original version of the album was released before the tragic accident. The version of the album I picked up, which is called "This Moment (Cinderella Edition)", was released about a week after the tragic accident, but was in planning months before the accident. I am not sure how I missed the fact that he had come out with a new album in October, 2007 but I did. But as I listen to this album, I am reminded of how much I love Steven Curtis Chapman and his music.

One song from the album, the title track, Cinderella, strikes me really deep. The song, which was inspired by a bath time encounter with Stevey Joy and her sister Maria, is a very touching and heart warming song. Every time I listen to it, its all I can do to not cry yet it has to be my new favorite song. If you want to read more about the album, This Moment (Cinderella Edition), or hear the song Cinderella, just head over here.

Anyway, I think that’s everything for now, and I guess it was not too too random. I will try to be more forthcoming with real updates and not just picture and twitter posts (I hope).
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