Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Flying, The Cost of Airfare, and Life...

Tonight I realized that I am going to fly / travel more this year then I think I ever have before in my life. I know that part of this is just the fact that I am growing up and have more access to traveling on my own then I used to. But part me is kinda shocked by this too.

This year, unless there are anymore unplanned trips that come up (it could happen. "Want To Get Away?"™), I will have flown 4 roundtrip tickets (more then any other year for me). These 4 roundtrip tickets are in addition to the 2 week road trip I did at the start of the year before I went back to school and a trip to Northern Colorado that I will make in November.

Hell, this month alone I have spent just shy of 700.00 dollars on airfare for two separate trips back east this month, a number that still leaves my mouth hanging wide open. I leave on Friday for a quick 4 day trip to help move my sister from Columbus, OH to just outside Washington DC (Clinton, MD to be exact) where she has taken a parish (my sister is a Lutheran Pastor). This trip involves me flying into Columbus, OH on Friday. Driving to DC on Saturday and/or Sunday and then flying back home from BWI (Baltimore / Washington International) on Monday. Any thought that this is a vacation is a laugh.

The second trip this month is about 1.5 weeks after I get back from moving my sister. This trip is out to the Cleveland, OH metro area for her Ordination. I fly out Thursday afternoon and get into CLE at 11pm assuming everything is on time and return home again on that corresponding Monday. This trip will be a bit more of a vacation, but never less will still be busy.

Even with my pocket book much lighter then when I started this month, I must say that I am looking forward to both trips. Sure, one week is going to be filled with grunt, back breaking labor and long-ish car rides and the other will be filled with a ceremony, but never less its still a chance to travel, which is something I love to do (even with the cost).
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