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UNMPD Over Stepping Their Boundaries Again?

Back in May I posted a story about how a University of New Mexico student was arrested for talking about the recent school shootings saying he could do a better job, based on a single concerned student. Well it seems that UNMPD is back to their old tricks of over stepping their boundary’s again.

This time, they uncovered a chop shop and two drug houses during a off campus raid Tuesday according a story from KOAT. According to the story, "Officials said the investigation began when a concerned citizen came forward saying the drugs were being made off-site, but brought onto University of New Mexico campus.".

So I know that UNMPD is a fully sanctioned police department just like the Albuquerque Police Department is, but my question is where does their jurisdiction start and end? Now I really do not have a problem with the fact that they took down a chop shop and two drug houses during this raid, but I really do wonder if UNMPD is out of their jurisdiction here. It seems to me that any off campus, non UNM owned land raids should have been conducted by APD and not UNMPD. Also it’s not like this was right across the street from campus. The raids were conducted over 2 miles from campus.

Also what really strikes me in this story is how similar to the May story it is in that a single "concerned citizen" came forward with this info. All they are going off of again is hearsay and I really wonder how legal that is considering they do not seem to have much proof that there were in fact any drugs on campus.


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