Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Power issues....

So right now it’s around 2am, I am at the office. I have been here since around midnight dealing with a massive power spike and power outage that caused a lot of issues here at the office.

I am not sure what happened and I think a call to PNM (the power company) in the morning might be in order, cus the power spike / glitch was felt around the metro area. All the way from the Westside, to my parents in Corrales, to my house to my friend’s house in the far east side of town. Down here at the office we lost power for about 1 hour and 15 min (as best I can tell from the log files) starting right at 10pm, which is when the power spike / glitch happened.

Some of our equipment failed to work as expected, but for the most part everything worked like it should. Our UPS's (uninterruptible power supplies) absorbed the power spike like it’s designed to do and lasted for most of the outage (again, like they are designed to do). The problem came when the UPS's were suppose to shut everything down gracefully. As far as I can tell, that did not happen, and now I need to figure out why. I got a good idea, but I can not test until everything is back up and running 100%, so it will be a few days.

It seems that our ISP took it a little harder then we did. The network that drives their wireless connections is still down, and my guess is will be down until sometime in the morning when someone can look at it. So that means my internet at home, and our remote backups are not working, since they both use the wireless connections.

One fun thing tonight was that when I got down to the office, I was locked out of the building due to our building control system. I am not sure what was going on with it, but I was able to remote into it using my laptop in the car and get it working again.

Anyway, I hope to get done with everything here and be home around and/or before 3am. Right now I seem to be on track for that. Then its back in around 9am or 10am for the normal day.
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