Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Picture Post - Why the power steering in the car does not want to work...

So I saw "Get Smart" with the parents this afternoon (which I loved BTW), so after the movie I got in the car to drive over to Chama River Brewing Co. for dinner when the power steering on the car would not work. So I figured no big deal as its scheduled to go to the shop tomorrow to get some other things fixed.

So I nurse the car over to dinner, which is really just on the other side of the parking lot from the theater. So I use "Arm Strong Steering®" to get the poor car in the parking spot and open the hood. Just about that time dad comes over to help me figure out what is wrong with the car.

So I notice that a belt is off, which is no big deal. But my dad, upon further inspection, notices this:

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