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Half Days, Lunch, & Hancock...

So yesterday we closed the office down at noon (which is what we normally do the day / Friday before a holiday). After taking care of all my crap and making sure everything was in order, I left the office right around 12:30 and figured that lunch was in order. Since I was already off work and a margarita sounded damn good, I went to Chili's where I had a very nice leisure lunch (something I have not done in a while).

After lunch I decided I would catch the 2:30pm showing of Hancock @ Cottonwood Starport, since I really wanted to see that movie. The line at the box office was bloody long, which is par the course for Cottonwood which is why I normally do not go there, but it was just across the parking lot from Chili's. Anyway, the movie was beyond great! It was everything I had hoped and expected it would be and more. I really would recommend everyone go see it.

After the movie, I walked around Cottonwood Mall, and basically felt really damn old. I know it was a Thursday afternoon, when most normal people are at work, but basically the only people in the mall were teens / tweens & soccer moms with young kids. It made me feel really old, cus I used to hang out at that mall when it first opened in 1996, back when I was in middle school.

After that, on a tip from my sister, I headed over to best buy, where they were selling DVD box sets for 17 dollars. I picked up all 4 seasons of Futurama for just over 70 dollars, which beats the 140 dollars it would have normally been at full retail. I also ran into a friend and her husband at Best Buy who are getting ready to move to the UK, and it was nice to catch up with them for a bit.

Finally after I left Best Buy I dropped by my parents house to take care of a few things since they and my grandma are out of town. When I was at my parent’s house, we got a very nice afternoon rain storm that cooled things down from the high 90's to the mid 70's, which made the day much nicer. After my parents house, I took off for my own place. After I got home and got everything situated, I fired up the grill. I threw a pork-chop I had in the frig on the grill for dinner and enjoyed it sitting outside in the cool air and just enjoyed the evening. All in all, it was a really nice and relaxing day.

Tonight (the 4th) I have a party at my former boss’s house that sits up on a hill and over looks the city. We will enjoy lots of food and watch the fireworks from his place. Then tomorrow, a coworker is holding a party out at her house, so that will be nice.

Other then that, I hope to do a whole lot of nothing and watch me some Futurama this 4th of July weekend.


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Jul. 4th, 2008 09:14 pm (UTC)
Cottonwood Mall
Years and years ago, wasn't there a brewpub there?
Jul. 5th, 2008 05:08 am (UTC)
Re: Cottonwood Mall
Maybe? IDK, I really could not tell you if there was a brew-pub there or not.
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