Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

The Baby Borrowers

So tonight I watched the new reality TV show program on NBC called "The Baby Borrowers". They billed the program with the tag line, IT'S NOT TV, IT'S BIRTH CONTROL, which after viewing the show I am not really sure the show does qualify as birth control, but it might come close.

Going in, I really did not have high hopes for this show and really questioned if this was a good idea and thought that the show might even borderline touch on possible child abuse. Especially with this show coming on the heals of CBS's reality show "Kid Nation" and all of the controversy that surrounded that show.

But I must say that my own personal nerves were calmed after watching the first episode of the program. First off, I must say that NBC and the production company really did their homework on this program and I feel they put enough safe guards into place so that the first and foremost, the child would not get hurt. The first thing that they did is that each teen couple is shadowed by a professional nanny, whom is only allowed to intervene if they feel the child is in any danger at all. The other thing they did is the parents of the baby being barrowed are all monitoring the progress of what is going on in the houses via closed circuit TV. The parents are allowed to step in at anytime they feel it is necessary (to which they do, and end up giving good advice to the teen couples).

Overall the program was not nearly as bad as I thought it might be. Sure, its still reality TV which just sucks in its own right, but it could have been a whole hell of a lot worse. I thought the program so far was really good, and I also think so far, that it really needs to be required viewing for every teenager in this country. Nothing is really sugarcoated in this program. What you see, is what you get; poo, pee, and all (ya, I am 2 years old).

Now my views of the 5 teen couples on program are really mixed. Some seem really into it and other seem like they thought this was going to be a vacation. A few of the girls really seem like, and excuse my language, bitches. I am sorry to call them that, but I lack a better word to describe how to explain their actions on the programs. What really surprised me the most on the program is how well the guys seem to be doing.

Going in, I thought the guys would have the hardest time and the ladies would have the easiest time with the baby. But really in my view, it is the total opposite of that. Most of the guys seem like naturals and a lot of them ladies seem like they don’t want to have a thing to do with the baby.

Now what should really prove to be interesting is what happens later when the 5 teen couples are to care for pre-teens youth and teenagers. After seeing the previews for the whole season, part of me wonders how much these teens and preteens will really be like they would when they are with their parents, and how much they are getting paid to be total asses to the 5 teen couples just for TV sake.

I guess only time will tell, but for now, I will (or really my DVR will) keep tuning into this program.
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