Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Home Sweet Home...

So I made it home, but I am not going to say with out issues. I did make the 6:10pm flight from CMH to Chicago. We got out mostly on time, but we did have a few minute wait on the tarmac for some reason that none of us understood. Something about delays in Chicago, so we needed to sit on the ground in CMH for a few minutes (ya, I don’t get it myself).

So once we landed at Chicago, I had about 15mins until our flight to Albuquerque started boarded. So once I found a restroom, I walked across the whole airport to my gate and saw a bar across from my gate that had a grab and go food container, so I picked myself a sandwich and 20oz bottled soda for over 10 dollars. I think the final bill was something like $11.50. So I downed my sandwich and boarded my flight to ABQ.

So once on the hot hot hot plane, we sat there and waited. And then we waited, and then we waited some more. Then we found out we had no pilots to fly the plane (hey, at least we found this out on the ground and not in the air, cus that could have been bad). But anyway, something about not having pilots that prevents them from turning on the A/C (I don’t know why).

So that started a whole conversation among us passengers that A/C and/or heat is the next thing they are going to start charging for. I think we covered everything that we could think of, and then we shut up cus we thought that might be listing in on us to try and figure out what the "customer wants". lol.

So we finally got us some pilots, got everything they had to do, and then we took off (finally). We also got that bird cooled down which was nice. The flight to ABQ was mostly nice. We had a good crew at the helm of that bird and he kept sweet talking ATC (Air traffic control) to get us around the "bumps in the road" (turbulence). We went left, we went right, we went up, and we went down, all to get around the really nasty turbulence. I must say they did more on that flight to get around it then I have ever seen a crew do.

And then the best was coming into Albuquerque. Even in the dark, I was able to figure out where we were, and it did not take me long to figure out what runway we were going to land on, and then I figured out that we were coming backwards. I have only ever come in backwards on this runway once. I think it was because by landing East to West, it saved us 20+min going out and then coming back to land West to East like all the other planes were.

So with all the issues, we ended up getting in to ABQ only about 5min late, which all in all is not bad. So, I am happy to say that I am finally home at last.
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