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Gettin out of the office...

So, today was really not productive, but was also fun & a treat.

Around 1pm, I remembered that we still had a bunch of our crap at a trailer we have out at Sandia Labs, which is out on the Air-Force Base. We have been doing a job called "MESA", which I forget what it means, but anyway, this has been our construction office there, and being that, we had a few laptops and other fun things there. So, I left the office around 3pm, so I could try and be there by 3:30pm. I got there, found our trailer in the sea of other trailers. I got the two docking stations & 3 monitors put into my car, and called my father. He works right down the road from the trailer in building 890. He rides the bus to work and then home again, so I asked him since, it was fast aproching 4pm (when his bus comes), if he wanted a ride home, or if he wanted to ride the bus home. He said what the hell, and to give him 5min. So, I picked him up, and we headed to my office to drop all the crap off.

We then headed to my parents house, and after sitting in rush hour traffic (which sucks big ***), I droped him off at his car, which he parks, so he can take the bus. So we get there, we figure out what is going down for dinner, and take off. My parents go stright to Scarpas (as I have told them what I want), and I head over to the house that I'm watching, and put the dogs out, and get stuff I need. I the arrive at Scarpas just as the food is getting there (talk about great timing). So, I eat, and then bust off to my 7pm meeting.

Get done with that at 8pm, and then head to my apartment. Which is where I have been since 8pm, just trying to catch up on things and then I will head over to the house I'm watching. So, when I say today has not been productive, I mean, I so did not get things done at work that I planed on doing, but its cus I had to get other things done.

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