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Not sure if this is a sign of a bad monday or not....

So, in my server room I have 4 computer (3 server, 1 security computer), well, I just love walking in to hear a high pitched screaming tone. But, if it's a high pitched screaming tone, I know it's not the SQL server. So, that is a good thing. The next thing that enters my mind, is this the PDC (Primary Domain Controler), or is this the old SQL server, which really has nothing too good on it, and will prob be formated and reloaded in a few weeks anyway. So, I figure out it's not the PDC, and it's just Newanda. I know right away what has gone down, it's droped a drive from the RAID config (Where have we seen this before?,LOL). But, JP told me this server is almost famous for it, and even replacing the RAID card has not helped. The other problem, it does not drop the same drive, which sucks when you are trying to troubleshoot something. So, it looks like my tasks for this week are going to have to be shifted around whale I deal with this.

So, you are all saying, is there a plus side to this? YES. I have as much time as I want to get this old server backup and running. No midnight rebuilds, no coming in at 3am, to start a second rebuild, no sleeping in the office.

So, it's nothing to really bad and something else to do.

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