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Will update when I have time....

In my quest to sleep more, have more free time, and to just veg, I have not updated this thing in a long time (yes, again). So, know that I have a shit load of stuff that has happend this month. A trip to Vegas, and very large hail storm, Balloon Fiesta, School, Work, Ect Ect Ect, and lets not forget church...... LOL, so if I can find the time, maybe this weekend, or not, cus I'm suppost to be helping my boss's father-in move to a different house, and it is fall cleanup at church, and our youth director is out of town with her husbien, dealing with his father. (Please pray for them). So, I will update when I can, but all u all, can e-mail me if u want to know more sooner.

Peace and Love,

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