Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Final Grades:

So here is the e-mail I got this afternoon from my professor regarding my final grades in my 3 classes:

No big surprise. You earned an A in every course. Super job. Don't let the other students know you destroyed the curve :)


Below are my grades for this semester. One thing to note is that I do not know how I did on the final exam, all I know is my final letter grade for my classes, so the final exam score and the final grade it self are estimated. But I know that all my final grade scores was 91% and above since that is the threshold to get an "A". I really think I estimated my final exam score lower then I should, but what ever, an "A" is an "A".

2008 Spring Semester Grades

Windows XPWindows ServerIntro to Networking
Test 1:101.00Test 1:100.00Test 1:93.00
Test 2:104.00Test 2:98.00Test 2:95.00
Test 3:98.00Test 3:98.00Test 3:93.00
Test 4:100.00Test 4:100.00Test 4:98.00
Test Avg:100.75Test Avg:99.00Test Avg:94.75
Test Avg:100.75Test Avg:99.00Test Avg:94.75
Total Grade:97.41Total Grade:96.45Total Grade:94.11
* Grade of the final exam is estimated. 
Overall, I am very happy with my grades and I should be as I worked my ass off for them. Hell, this time I even studyed for my finals. LOL. I must say that it feels really good to do this well in school and I am very proud of my self (if you could not tell that already).
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