Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Every now and then...

Every now and then there is a news story that I see that gives me a sliver of hope that the world is not doomed or going to self-implode upon its self. Tonight, after a rather hard and long weekend with little to no sleep, when I was really feeling down on my self, I saw such story that brought a tear to my eye and reminded me that the world is not as bad as I sometimes let myself beleave that it is.

The story is about how 8-year-old Zachary Evans found Walter Wood, a missing man lost and confused, and led him to safety. I first saw this story looking at the headlines on CNN, where they had a video about the story.

There are so many negative storys in the media that its easy to get cought up in the bad and sometimes hard to see the good that exists in this world. I just wish the news was filled with more good storys then bad storys.
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