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Snow in April...

Yep, it snowed in the metro area in the middle of April. I mean, I know we have had some screwed up weather this year, but this is startting to get werid. But, I'm still trying to figure out where this came from, cus Friday was great, with highs in the mid 70's. Even Saturday was great a bit nippy in the morning, but we did reach a high of 65 degs. But today (sunday), no such luck, our high today was something like 45, and we are expected to drop to a low of 31 tonight.

When I woke up Saturday morning, the house I'm staying was really frecking cold, so I made it a mission to go around and shut all the windows they had cracked, and I thought I got them all. But, I missed one, cus when I woke up Sunday morning, I thought the house was about 45 degs, and let me tell you, that toilet seat was really cold. So, I found the last open window, in the laundry room, and closed it. Plus, I turned the heat back on, cus well, I think I'm going to need it tonight. There is like a 10% chance of snow tonight in the metro, but I'm hoping it does not really snow, cus I hate driving to UNM in snow, something I have done way more then once since Fall Semester.

But, any thing that is even close to rain, I will take, cus well, we need it. So, now for the year, we have gotten 6 inches of rain, right on the dot. Which is so great. I mean, I'm starting to feel like I live in the midwest or something, cus well, everything is so great. My parents house, it looks like there full 1.20 acre is full of grass, but in reality it is just weeds that my dad has been mowing. All of the land along the freeway is green, and it really is werid. I dont think I have ever seen Albuquerque freeway's landscaping green. Also, everone lawn is green, and I know they have not had the sprinklers on it. Well, it's late, and I really need to hit the sack, cus well, I have to get up, but that is a differnt post.

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