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Test Time (again), My School District, and Just Random Crap

Sorry, could not stop my self from using this icon. Its way too fitting for today, and I really don’t get to use it enough. :)

So this coming week I have tests again in all 3 classes. To make things easy for everyone, I will post my scores once I know all of them. I am not going to post for each test cus that is a little silly.

So reading the Albuquerque Journal website this evening, I saw a story about our school district here in Albuquerque, Albuquerque Public Schools, which I am a product of. Anyway, in the story they were talking about some of the schools that a new area being developed will feed into when I remember how bad our schools are here.

About 60 percent of the ninth-graders at Albuquerque High aren't proficient in reading and 65 percent aren't proficient in math, according to the state Public Education Department. The figures are worse for sixth-graders at Washington Middle— where 82 percent aren't proficient in reading and 93 percent aren't proficient in math. At Lowell Elementary, 61 percent of third-graders aren't proficient in reading and 78 percent aren't in math.

Um, ya, I think that speaks for its self. I know the schools that I went to (Corrales Elem School, Taylor Middle School, and Cibola High School) are better then those schools, but still that is pretty representative of the district as a whole.

I also love how APS is trying to down play the fact that they did not build any new high schools in the city for about 20 years. In that same 20 years Albuquerque grew by over 200,000 people. Now they are having to play catch up, something that APS is trying to down play in the story. My family (including me) has always been very critical of this school district and I think rightly so, it sucks.

In other news, Easter was good. I made it to church for once in a long time and it was ok. Better then it has been in a long time, but still not the good old days that I long for. I still do not know what I am going to do, but so far have I have not found another church here in town that I would want to be at (At least not that I am willing to make up my mind). So it’s still much of the same, and I really don’t have any motivation to figure it all out right now.

After church, we went down to the Embassy Suites where we had a great Easter brunch. It was mom, dad, my grandma, and I. The food was great, and even now I am still not really that hungry. lol. I think I also gained 5 pounds just from the brunch. lol

Anyway, I think that is all that is new in my life for now. I hope everyone had a good Easter.
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