Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Another reason of what is wrong with NM...

I was skimming an Albuquerque Journal article about a family that was hit by a drunk driver who was twice the legal limit when the family was out horse back riding. As I was reading, I really just wanted to shake my head a cry.

   Tomlinson's attorney, Dan Marlowe, is not contesting that his client was drunk. His defense relies in large part on the argument that the family was walking in the middle of the road, against traffic.
    Marlowe also said during his opening arguments on Monday that Tomlinson is "an experienced drinker" who "drinks beer like we drink water" and that alcohol had nothing to do with the accident.

Alcohol had nothing to do with the accident my ass. The only thing his client is, is a raging alcoholic who needs to be locked away for life. I don’t care if he "drinks beer like we drink water", he was drunk (they don’t contest that he was drunk) and that is all that matters. And if he really is "an experienced drinker" like his attorney is trying to say that he is, then he should have been experienced enough to not fucking get behind the wheel and drive.

God there are days when this state really pisses me off! Being an "an experienced drinker" and "drinks beer like we drink water" is not a defense for driving drunk. I just hope the jury can see past the shit his attorney is trying to pull and they lock his ass up like they should!
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