Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Still Even More Test Scores and Damn You Daylight Savings Time...

First and foremost, this should be the last test score I will post for a few weeks or at least until our next set of tests.

Anyway, today we got our test scores back in my Windows Pro (aka Windows XP) class and again I broke the 100% mark. lol. I started with a 94%, but since a few of the questions were really just bad questions, we were able to argue our way to another 10%, so I ended up getting a 104% on the test. This now makes the second test in a row for my Windows Pro class where I have gotten above a 100%.

I am not sure I am enjoying DST yet. Ok, I know its only been a day or two, but damn so far it sucks. Last night I went to bed way way way way too late and all I know is this morning came way too fast. When my alarm did go off, it was dark outside and not light like it would have been. When I left my house, the sun was just coming up so that on the whole drive in to CNM this morning the sun was at a place where my visor did crap.

But I know that after this first week, things will get better. I will enjoy having more sunlight in the night time. The sun will start coming up so that its not in my eyes on my morning drive to school or work.
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