Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

More Test Scores, Some Major Nerdiness, And Other Things...

So today I got my second test back in my Intro to Computer Networking class, and I must say that I am happy with my score. I got a 95%, which granted is not the 100% I was hoping for, but hey, I will take it. Just like the first test, the class average was too high (91%) so we were not able to argue any of the questions, which really is ok.

In other news, at the start of this week I noticed was having a sale on some things, and one of those things was some really good laptop memory. So I decided to do something I have been thinking about doing and really have been wanting to do for a while. I bought 4gb of memory to max out my personal laptop. Best part is that it only cost me 80 dollars total to do.

So anyway, today the memory showed up at my office and I got it installed with very little trouble. My system now screams (more then it did before) and I am loving it. I had my daily virus scan running earlier today and I could not even tell that it was running. Now I am starting to think that I need to upgrade the hard drive from my current SATA 1.5, 120gb, 5,400rpm drive to a brand spanking new Seagate SATA 3.0, 200gb, 7,200rpm drive.

For those of you who are computer stupid, SATA 3.0 has double the data throughput (3Gbps) of my current drive (1.5Gbps) and also its an 80gb bump from where I am now. I have about 30gb left on my current drive, so I could use another 80gb. Also its 1,800rpm faster then my current drive too. So far I have found the drive for about 200 dollars, which is kinda rich for my blood, so it might have to wait until this summer. I would also need some sort of ghosting program to clone my current drive so I don’t have to reinstall every freaking thing. </nerdiness>

Tomorrow night I have a fundraiser and then a lock in at our Lutheran Campus Ministry (Luther House) for the city area high schoolers. The fundraiser is BOWLING FOR WORLD HUNGER which benefits the ELCA World Hunger Appeal. Both promise to be fun events and all I know is come Saturday morning, I will be exhausted off my butt, and plan to plant my ass in my bed for a few hours.
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