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***-damn contractors....

Today has been very crazy, frustrating, and stressful.

The contractor working down on the widening Edith decided it would be fun to start the day by cutting thru a 600 pair cable with a backhoe. (Case you could not tell, there is some major sarcasm in there) Yes, this is the same 600 pair cable that the same contractor cut less then a month ago. This iswas a brand new cable that they just installed in late December / early January and now has had 2 major cuts and the associated repairs in under 2 full months of operation.

So for a little over half the day we did not have phones, and because we have a backup internet connection, we only had a few hours this morning with out internet. The backup system, still a work in progress, should only require a small amount of downtime before it can be switched over. The problem today is that we did not have the chance to field test it. So today was as good a day and we got the bugs worked out and go it working. Now, it takes only about 5 minutes to get it switched over and presto-changeo, we got internet again.

I really want to call up this contractor and scream "Cant you freaking call before you dig like the rest of us do?" I was able to forgive them the first time it happened, cus you know we are dealing humans, and hell mistakes happen. But two freaking times in less then a month, I am sorry but I can not excuse that.

With that, sometime this week we are planning on filing a claim against the contractor. I know that filing a claim might seem a little harsh, but considering we have some major expenses (in the thousands of dollars) each time they cut our phones and internet, and this is the second time in less then a month they have done this, I think reimbursement is in order.

Also today’s events have pushed forward time-wise a project that was original scheduled for this summer. Now it looks like that is going to get moved up to the next few weeks, and right now the faster I can get it done, the better. So since I got this call around 7:45am this morning when I was stuck in grid-lock traffic, I missed my class today and ended up working 9 hours when I should have only worked about 6 hours.

So here is hoping that tomorrow is better then today…
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