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Movie night, again!

So tonight, I watched 3 more movies, National SEcurity, Something's Gotta Give, & Along Came Polly. So, I have now watched 5 movies in 2 days. I think that is more then I have watched in teh past 2 months. I know it seams like I don't have a life, but the past 2 months of my life has been spent getting used to a new job and everything that goes with that. So, since I'm house sitting, and the people I'm house sitting for have all of these great movies, I'm putting them to good use, very good use.

National Security: It was a good movie, but nothing I would want to buy. I like Martin Lawrence movies, and thos one was ok, but nothing really to write home about. So, here ends my writing about National Security.

Something's Gotta Give: What can I say about this movie, except Jack Nicholson's Ass & Diane Keaton's boobs. This movie has got it all, no matter who you are. LOL. This movie also has everyone in it, even Keanu Reeves, yes the guy from the movie "Speed". Keanu plays a half way convicing doctor, who starts to hit on Diane Keaton. Now this is a funny movie. I loved watching every minute of this, and kept laughing the whole way. I mean this movie even has 50 and 60 year old's (Nicholson & Keaton) using IM to talk to each other in the same house, (Do not ask me why I find this funny). I don't know what it is about Jack Nicholson, but he is a really great actor, and I would have to say he gets better with age, just like Bond, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan). I would have to recommend this movie to everyone, cus I think it is just a great funny movie.

Also, BTW, I want the house they used in Something's Gotta Give. It is the most perfect house, and being that it is right on the ocean, it makes it so much better. But since it's in the Hamptons, I have a long fucking time before I can afford it, unless someone gifts me with a shitload of money, or I win the lotto.

Along Came Polly: It was ok, but not good. I laughed hard in a few parts, but I really think they treid to hard to mix the drama with comedy. The acting by both Ben Stiller & Jennifer Aniston was good, but the story line / writing was just not that great. Also, I thought Something's Gotta Give had everyone in it, but man this movie has: Debra Messing, Hank Azaria, & Alec Baldwin. I am starting to wonder if they spent more money on the talent then the writing. But, I must say that Debra Messing plays a really great tramp & a cold heartless bitch, among other things. But I'm I love Debra Messing from Will & Grace, so go figure.

So, now that I have watched 5 movies in 2 days, I'm trying to figure out if I want to make it 7 movies in 3 days, or just 6 movies in 3 days. It all depends on how much time I have in my schedule, and how much sleep I want.

So, other then my whole moviefest, I'm doing great. As I have talked about before, I'm house sitting for some member of my church until a week from Sunday. So, if I'm not on AIM as much this week, or if I dont answer my e-mail as fast, know that I'm not glued to my computer like I normaly would be if I was home at my apartment. But, when I'm at work, I am glued to a computer, being that is what my job is all about, and I'm using the T-1, so e-mail might get answered a little faster between the hours of noon & 5pm. LOL. Since I'm on the subject of work, it is going great, and I'm loving it. As I have hinted in other posts, I have had more mettings to sit in on, but I'm dealing with that, as it is very much a fact of life. But, since it is now 1:30am, I really should goto bed, cus I have to be up around 9 or 9:30am, to be to church by 11am.
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