Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

More Proof That The State Of New Mexico Is Incompetent...

So Sundays Albuquerque Journal features a story that proves that the great State of New Mexico is really incompetent (Not that we really needed more proof).

The story, is about how our DOT (Department of Transportation) failed to implement a statewide 511 driver information system despite large amounts of money to implement one. All I know is that I could have more then likely done this for less money and gotten it done faster (in-house or not).

Also more proof that New Mexico is one of the most bASSackwards states, our legislator(s) failed to pass tougher DWI / DUI laws (yet again) despite some very high profile DWI / DUI related crashes this year past year. I mean, come on, what the HELL! I do have two theories about this. The first is that this state is controlled by the liquor industry (very possible) and my second is that our legislators have too many DWIs / DUIs them self and we all know that they would hate to be the kettle calling the pot black.

I am sorry, but I fail to see how we can not get tougher about DWI / DUI. How many people have to die before we really get tough about this? Why is it that we have people driving around with 3 or more DWIs / DUIs. Hell, in this state we have people who have 10 or more DWI / DUI convections! Why the hell is DWI / DUI not a 3-strikes and your out system? You have 3 DWIs / DUIs, and you go to jail for life with no chance of parole.

Things like this are what piss me off sometimes about this state that I live in. I know that no state is perfect, but it seems that we always are the last in the pack to get anything right, and hell, that is even if we can get it right.
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