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Movie review....Ok, not really!

So, I watched two, count them, two movies tonight. i,robot & The Incredibles. I'm not going to give you all the details about each movie, cus well, there are site for that. Check out and search for the movie titles if you want info on the movie. So here we go:

i,ROBOT: This was a great movie. I loved ever second of it, and I had to keep second guessing my self in the movie. I had heard mixed things about this movie from co-workers, friends, and other people. But, for me, I loved this movie. I'm really thinking that I'm going to have to buy the DVD for this movie, cus DAMN. Plus, it has Will Smith, which is most def a plus. LOL. (Inside Joke)

The Incredibles: This movie sucked. I hated it, and now wished I had gone to bed, but no, I watched this movie. This move was too predicable, and was really not that funny. When I was watching i,ROBOT, time just flew, and I could not believe the movie was over. With Incredibles, I kept looking at my watch, wondering when this movie was going to be over. Granted this movie did have it good parts, but it just all seamed to go way to easy. The problems that the characters did get into, were way to easy to get out of, and well it just sucked. I'm really glad I did not see this in the theater, and I'm really glad also that I did not have to pay to watch this. Hell, I'm getting payed to watch this movie (See house sitting).

I still have like 10 other movies that I'm going to watch this week, so look for more of what I think about movies. Also, 10 is not the exact number, as I may add or remove based on what I want. So, Deal With It.

Well, it's really early in the morning, so I'm going to bed.
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