Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray


So the first week of school is done and in the bag so to speak, and I think its going to be a really good semester. I also think its going to be a hard semester, but for once in a long time I am really looking forward to it.

Here is my school schedule for those of you who have not seen it yet:

Monday & Wednesday:
 8:30am - 10:45am - CIS 1610 - Windows Professional for Systems Administrators
11:15pm -  1:15pm - CIS 2620 - Windows Server Management

Tuesday & Thursday:
 8:30am -  9:45am - CIS 1420 - Intro to Computer Networking

So for 3 classes that works out to 12 hours per week that I will spend in a class room. On Mondays and Wednesdays I spend about 5 hours in class, with only one 15 min or so break inbetween the classes. So this has presented a problem since I bascily miss lunch due to class. At least I am not the only one in the same boat here, my professor, which I said in a previous post is my professor for all 3 of my classes, also misses lunch too. I bought some microwave meals at the store today that I can run downstairs and heat up inbetween classes.

As I stated above, I have the same professor for all 3 classes and I must say that he is a great guy. He is funny and will keep me entertained, and we seem to get along. I joke that I might become a gamer by the time this semester is over, beacuse my professor is a major gamer and it seems like half the people in my class are. I've never been a big gamer cus it freaking costs money to do that crap, and I would rather save my money or spend it on other things. I guess only time will tell.

Also this week I remembered how much fun it can be to be on call and be going to classes at the same time. My cell phone went off at 6am on Thursday that our temp monitoring equipment was saying it was too hot in the server room. So I woke up, booted up the comptuer, and remoted in to see what in the hell was going on. After watching it up until the time I needed to leave for class, I finaly called the office to have a tech look at the cooling unit since it was not getting any cooler in there. I also sat in class with my notebook and watched it thanks to my phone as a internet connection.

Once I got to work and asked about the cooling unit, I found out that the air filter in the unit was so gunked up, it was not allowing any air to pass thru it. So they changed the filter and we were back in business. I am glad that it was something easy, and not another problem like last June when we ended up replacing the whole damn thing.

The one downside to going back to school is that I become poor again. My parents help me out during the semester(s) when I am school, beacuse I reduce my hours I work. It still not enough to replace all the money I would have made if I was full time at work, but its enough that allows me to pay my mortgage, my utilities, and food with maybe a few bucks left over for some fun or whatever.

Due to that, I have to get back in the habit of cooking at home and not going out to eat and all that fun crap that I am so used to. So today I went major grocery shopping, which is something I have not done in a while and I really want to know: When in the hell did food prices go up so damn much? I mean really, I spent 65 dollars today on stuff that a year ago would have cost me much less. All I can say is that I better make this damn food last for a while or I am going to blow my budget out of the water. O well, I guess such is life when gas is still at 3 dollars a gallon.

So that is what is up with school for this semester and my first semester at CNM.
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