Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

A Really Random Conversation:

What follows is part of a AIM (AOL Instant Message) conversation I had with a close friend, Jon, tonight. Its really just 100% random and really made me laugh.

[00:13] Kevin: So ya, really must wait to get a kid (god, why does that sound like I can rundown to 7-11 and pick one up) until I am out of school. lol
[00:14] Jon: "hi, toys r us?  I wanna buy a kid.  yes.  yes.  Can you have one ready by next week?  cool.  Yes, my credit card number is..."
[00:15] Kevin: lol
[00:15] Kevin: Well, you know that is what Brad and Angelina do. lol
[00:16] Jon: yeah, cause they dont have sex
[00:16] claystorm1: lol
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