Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Vacation, Part 2...

Tomorrow I leave Wichita where I have been since last Tuesday night / afternoon and I am driving the 2.5 / 3 hours to Lawrence, KS to see my other cousin who does not live at home in Wichita anymore. Then Tuesday morning, I will take off and leave Lawrence for Eaton, CO to spend some time with my former pastor and his wife & kids.

Being in Wichita has been really nice and relaxing despite all the work I have had to do via remote. O well, the good thing about the remote work is that it just means that I will have to use less of my vacation time. LOL. So that is a plus I guess.

Heck, after a rather cold and blowy start to the week, it ended rather nice with a high of around 62 degs. Heck it was so nice that I was running around in shorts and a t-shirt. It was also so nice that Randy, my Uncle, could not help but to grill burgers out on the grill. So can anyone guess what we ate for dinner? LOL.

So I am very sad to be moving on from Wichita tomorrow, but I have more people to see on this vacation. So I guess onward I shall go, and enjoy what will be the end of week one of my almost two week vacation.
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