Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray


So ya, I've been a little bad in my duty to update here. LOL. O well, its my blog, and I shall update when I damn well feel like it, and right now I feel like it so here we go:


Right now I am on a well needed two week vacation that has taken me up to Wichita, KS to visit some family I have up here. I left Albuquerque and got into Wichita on Tuesday, making it in around 10 hours.

I am still working a bit on my vacation (I know, I know, I am sick), but its mostly been stuff that I could not just put off and tell my office to just wait until my return. Also, I will take remoteing into the office over being in the office any day on vacation. Also, it does save me some vacation, which is a plus. lol.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve found me packing for my vacation and surprise surprise, working. I had a few things in the office to wrap up before I could leave town and almost did have to delay my trip by a day due to some issues that came up at the last second. Luckily, it was a small issue that was easily fixed by fixing a setting in a program that installed.

I also remember why I keep saying that I am going to spend New Years Eve out at my parents place in the suto country. lol. I fucking hate the heights on New Years Eve, cus it seems that every dumb ass with a gun want to fire it into the air. Before when I lived in my apartment, I was not too too worried, since I knew the damn bullet would have to go thru the top floor before getting to me. But since I now live in a one story house, I no longer have that "buffer". lol.


So, the new iPod turned into a bit of a issue. It started out not wanting to play like half of my freaking music that my old iPod would play with no issue. So I took the iPod back on Monday and got it replaced thinking it was specific to that iPod, well no such luck with that. I did figure out a work around to just convert all my music (which has been in MP3 format) to the iTunes / Apple ACC format.

As far as I can tell, its a bug in the MP3 encoder / decoder. One of these days I will get around and file a bug report with Apple.


When I get back into Albuquerque, I will start my first semester at CNM (what used to be TVI) in the Computer Information Systems program and I must say that I am really looking forward to my classes that I am taking. That might be a first in a long time. Also, since I live in the CNM tax district, and I am not taking any Art and Science courses this semester, I do not have tuition to pay. Yep, that means my classes are freaking free!

I am finding CNM so much more student friendly then UNM ever has or ever was. So far CNM has been more helpful then UNM ever was and CNM seems to be much more focused on the Student then UNM ever was.

Well, I think that is it for now.
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