Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

New iPod...

I figured I would finaly breakdown and join the 21st century and buy a new iPod to replace my older then crap 4gb 1st Gen Mini. For some reason, 4gb was no longer cutting it as it was always 100% full and it was getting harder and harder to figure out what to remove to fit new stuff on.

Another reason to do this now, and not later is that I have a 2000 mile road trip coming up and there are a few pod casts that I like, but have not had the time to listen to them and I figure 30 hours in a car is as good of time as any. LOL.

So, today I stopped by the Apple Store in ABQ Uptown and bought my self a nice new (my first new iPod I should add) 80gb Black iPod Classic. I wish they had the classic in the Product Red colors, cus I so would have gone for that. I could have got the nano in the Product Red color, but the nano is only 8gb, which I would have filled way too quick and would have been right back where I am now.

On top of the iPod, I also bought a new Belkin Tune Doc for the car, cus my old one only worked with the mini. The new one has the built in FM tuner and also the line out that I have been using to goto the tape deck. Right now, I still prefer the tape deck method over the FM tunner, but I am thinking of putting my indash CD-Player in to the car I am driving now, and well, it does not have a have a tape deck, so I would have to change to the FM tunner.

That is all for now. I know I hinted at a 2000 mile road trip, but thats another post for another day (Tomorrow if I have time).
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