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Burger King - Whopper Freakout

How many people have seen the "Burger King - Whopper Freakout" commercial on TV?

If you have not seen it, basically the commercial starts out where someone walks into a Burger King Restaurant and orders the Whopper. The person behind the counter informs the person that Burger King is no longer serving the Whopper. Well, at least what Burger King claims, is that people freaked out. They are then told that it’s all fake, and the Whopper is really still on the menu.

What in the hell is wrong with this world when a company stops serving a product and people freak out. And by the footage that they showed in the commercial(s) and also on their website,, people looked like they lost it.

Sure I have had company’s *cough* Wendys *cough* stop serving a product *cough* Mediterranean Chicken Salad *cough* that I really love. But, I have never ever lost it over it. Sure I might bitch and moan a little that they no longer serve the product, maybe write the corporate office if I think it was a bad business decision, but I have never ever demanded to speak to the manager.

Maybe this is what is wrong with America. We freak out when a company discontinues a product that is really not good for you. Hell look at the people in the US and how freaking fat we are. Hell even me, I am sure I could use to loose a few pounds my self. Maybe we could use to have the Whopper and a few other products like the Big Mac pulled from the shelves. People freak out when the Whopper was discontinued, I say dear god people, is there nothing more important for us to worry about?
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