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Mettings & Paperwork...

Two things I hate about corportate america. LOL. I love just doing my job. When I was working for RDA Design Group I just loved working with CADD & designing kitchens and all of that, but what I hated the most was the paperwork and mettings that went along with all the fun. Now, I know that those two things are facts of life, and there is no way to avoid it, cus even at a fast food place, they have mettings with the staff.

So, my new job I would say has about the same amount of paperwork and mettings, but they normal get shoved in one or two weeks out of the month. Which is what has been going on this week and last week. I have had about 1 or 2 mettings a day, plus a crap load of paperwork and phone calls to make. Last week, I had 3 mettings with Nextel, 2 as a administartive team (yes, I'm part of the Admin Team) and a few with people in the office to get things updated or fixed. This week, I had a meeting with Brad (Nextel rep) on Monday, where he gave us our 3 demo phones. Tuesday, I was lucky. I had no mettings on Tuesday. Wednesday, Dennis (my boss), and I had a metting to talk about the cell phone stuff. Today, I have a metting with our half-assed Verizon rep (Rick), plus a metting right after with JP to talk about that, and moving the land-line's to Qwest. Friday, at 6:30am / 7am, is our company breakfast metting here at the office, and then that after noon I have to return the demo phones back to Brad. So, all in all this is a busy week.

So, ya, I'm just being bitchy about paperwork and mettings.


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