Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Hacking PNM...

Ok, so I am really not hacking anything. I promise. But our local gas and electric utility, Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) has a online system called MyPNM which allows you to create a login to manage your Electric and Natural Gas accounts with them. It’s really not a half bad system, but it gets even better with some tweaking.

So a few months back I was looking into a question on our bill at work, so I setup an online account via the MyPNM system for our work gas and electric services. Well when I logged on to the newly created accounts, I noticed that something’s looked different.

Case in point, the graphs and charts showing usage of the current and all previous months were really different, but much better then what you get to see on the residential side vs. the commercial side, with the commercial graphs blowing the crap out of the residential.

So I thought to my self that there had to be a way (easy or hard) to get the graphs on my personal residential account to look like our graphs on the company work account. Well sure enough there was, and it was really easy. All it takes it replacing a small part of code in the address bar depending on what you are looking at and what you want to look at.

So say you want to look at your "Usage History Charts". All you do is take the code in the address bar and change it from viewing your residential Gas & Electric:

From: "../EnergyTracker?command=viewUsageCharts&typeOfAcct=resGSEL"

to just Commercial Gas: "../EnergyTracker?command=viewUsageCharts&typeOfAcct=comGS"
or just Commercial Electric: "../EnergyTracker?command=viewUsageCharts&typeOfAcct=comEL"

This also works when looking at your "Usage History" too. Again, just replace the resGSEL with comGS or comEL. This also works with your commercial accounts if you want to view the crappy residential graphs and charts, all you do is take my steps and go backwards (but why would you want to do that?).
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