Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Still Alive....I think....

No I am not dead and no I did not reach escape velocity and fly off the planet earth. Really I have just have been too busy with work and life to even think about a LJ post. So here is just an update on what I have been doing with my self and some of the events of the last few weeks.

So, over the last month or two I was working on a proposal for a brand new server to replace one of our much older (almost 7 years old) servers that had died back in early October and also two new NAS (network attached storage) devices that we will be using to do completely redundant and automated onsite and offsite backups. The NAS devices will replace our old way of doing backups, which involves tape drives and storing the backup tapes at my house.

So a about 3 weeks ago, I finished my proposal and I think I was even a bit taken back at how much I was asking for. My grand total was just over $17,000.00 in new equipment. I really did not know what to think when I put my proposal on my boss’s desk. I was almost expecting it to get denied, if not in whole, then at least in part.

Well surprise surprise my proposal was approved in whole, all 17 thousand dollars of it. So these last few weeks have been spent ordering all the new equipment, getting it in, and getting it setup and doing test and implementation. Right now I am still very much in the test side of things to make sure that everything is production ready. But so far, so good!

Also about 2 weeks ago I drove up to Estes Park, CO for the Rocky Mt. Synod Senior High youth gathering which I was helping out at. I drove up to some friends house who live just north of Greeley, CO and stayed with them Thursday night beacuse with the time I needed to be in to the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes, I would have had to leave ABQ at like 3 or 4am, and I was not looking forward to that.

The weekend was great, it did have a few hiccups here and there, but otherwise everything went off with out a hitch. I am always amazed that we can pull this event off each year and how smooth everything goes. The gathering staff is not that large, and yet we still somehow make everything work.

Our speaker for the weekend was Jay Gamelin, who is also the lead campus pastor at Ohio State University. Its funny, cus come to find out (and I did mean to ask him this) but my sister knows him, and when she came in for Thanksgiving, I asked her if she knew him and her response was "Ya, and he owes me money". LOL. Jay was really really really great, and I must say one of the best speakers we have had in years, if not the whole time I have been attending the synod high school gathering.

Our band for the weekend was The View From Here and they really rocked out. Its kinda funny cus this weekend was kinda both a reunion and final tour for the band all in one weekend. I should explain that one of the people in TVFH, his wife got a job offer up in the pac northwest area, and it was too good for them to turn down, so he and his wife moved. Well, he came back just for us. So it was really bitter sweet for them. So that was the weekend in a nut shell.

Then the next week was thanksgiving, making it two weeks in a row with 4 day weekends which was very nice I must say. Not quite a vacation, but hell close enough that I will take it. Thanksgiving constituted of my parents, my sister, and my grandma and it was really nice. The food my mom cooked was great. Also during that week of Thanksgiving I was house sitting for some people. And as fast as my sister came, she was gone again. But that’s ok, I should get to see her again for Christmas unless something comes up. But then comes spring and unless I plan a 3 day trip back east sometime (which might happen), I more then likely will not get to see her until her graduation.

This week has been crazy busy. Monday, even with coming into the office at 12-noon, I still some how managed to work 9 hours. Tuesday was not any better, working 11 hours. Wednesday was an 8 hour day, but again only after coming in to the office at noon. Thursday and today (Friday) should only be 6 and 4 hours respective, but that should be put into context in that I also spend 2 hours yesterday and today at my old office helping them with some issues they have been having. So, I after my normally two hours this weekend, I should be right on track for another 40 hour week, plus all the hours I got in at my old office.

This week has been so crazy because of all my projects I got going at work. Not only do I have the new server and the two NAS devices, but my boss also had me order him a new computer, so I am trying to get that up and running for him too. This is all in addition to my normal day to day stuff here at the office, so right now I am feeling just a tad bit over loaded, but such is life.

So that is what is new in my life right now. I hope to not be such a stranger here on my LJ in the future, but I can not make any promises. Also, if I have you have left me a comment in my journal, your journal, or anywhere else in LJ and I never got back to you, I am sorry. There are only so many hours in a day, and lets just say that sometimes things get dropped.
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