Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

A quick note to you all:

I just wanted to drop you all a note that I will be away from my computer until Sunday evening. I am heading up to the Rocky Mt. Synod Senior High Youth Gathering in Estes Park, CO for the weekend. I will have some access to my email (via my Windows Mobile Device) and I will have my mobile phone with me too.

If you need to get a hold of me, my profile here on LJ has many different options for doing that. You can use my LJ email claystorm at livejournal dot com (which forwards to my main e-mail) or, if you are my friend here on LJ (physical on my friends list), you can use LJ to send me a text message.

Also, should you need to call me for what ever reason (and you don’t have my mobile #), you can use my GrandCentral # which is 505-796-8273 and leave me a voice message with your name and number (so I can call you back). Also, if you need an uber-fast reply from me, make sure you tell me in your message (this goes for all forms of contact, email, text, or phone / voice message). Other wise if you don’t, it might be a few hours or more until I am to get back to you.

So that is where I will be. If I hear from you, cool. Otherwise, I will be back blogging sometime Sunday or Monday!
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