Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Project Care & CALL ME!

So I have a new phone number. Do not worry, my cell phone and work numbers are still the same as before and for those of you who have those numbers, you can still feel free to call me on them. So by now I am sure that I got you scratching your head, going what in the hell is Kevin talking about?

Well, I am talking about GrandCentral. A few weeks back, I stumbled upon GrandCentral from a blog that I watch here on LJ. I guess I should explain that GrandCentral is a new service which allows you to have one phone number, that when called, will ring all of your other numbers based on settings I have on my account. Also with your GrandCentral number, even when your life changes on you, and your numbers change, your GrandCentral number stays the same. Also, they were acquired by Google not too long ago, and we all know that all good things in life come from Google!

So here is the deal, you can call me at (505) 796-8273, and right now it will go to my voicemail only. If I know you, I will add your number in to my phone book on the GrandCentral website and then once I have done that and chosen where I want it to ring (ie, cell, work, ect), anytime you call me in the future on my GrandCentral number, it will ring anywhere I am, allowing me to pick up your call.

Now the best part about the GrandCentral service, is that so far, IT IS FREE! It’s also still very much in beta, and you need to have an invite code. So, here is the deal, if you want in on GrandCentral, let me know. I can send you an invite code that will get you past the line (if I understand the website right) and allow you to start using the service right away. As I understand it, I have 8 invite codes right now (well, 10, but I am holding a few for family / friend), and I will give them out first come first serve. Anyway, so if you want in on this, shoot me an email at my LiveJournal email address (found on my LJ profile page), and I will get you hooked up. Now I should add that right now, they do not have phone numbers in Alaska, Hawaii, or Maine.

Another great thing about GrandCentral is something they call Project CARE. Project CARE is an amazing service where they give a free local telephone number and voicemail for the homeless to get jobs, find housing, stay in touch, etc. Right now it is in the San Francisco / Bay Area only, but they are hoping one day to expand to expand it all across America. I must say that Project CARE is a very noble idea, one that I hope they will be able to expand all across America as they plan.

One of the hardest things for the Homeless to do is get jobs, mainly due to the fact that they do not have a telephone number. For a long time there has not been an easy way to get ahold of someone who is homeless due to the fact that they bounce around from shelter to shelter. Now, with the help of GrandCentral and Project CARE, homeless people in San Fran not only get a free local number, but also VoiceMail too. I wish GrandCentral the best of luck on this project, and I hope it succeeds 100%.

Anyway, that is everything for now.
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