Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Senseless, Mindless Violence SUCKS!

Last night I was watching the end of the show Numb3rs on my DVR, when after the show finished, the first few minutes of channel 13’s news started. The lead story on last nights news was about Ryan Vigil, a senior at Highland High School, whose life was taken Thursday when he was shot in the head in what appears to be a random, mindless, and senseless act of violence.

Now any loss of life of a young person is tragic and senseless, but sometimes you just have to shake your head ask, why her or him? Ryan was the co-founder of a club at Highland called Empower, which is an organization against gun violence. His friends said he had a drive to get people to sign a pledge that they would promise not to use guns. He was also a 3-time letterman on the baseball team.

Over all it sounds like Ryan was one very amazing young person, which is why his death is so senseless, mindless, and tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to not only his family in their time of sadness and need, but also to all his friends and to everyone at Highland High School.
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