Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

A Quick Update and The Seventh Sense

So, I am ok. Nothing broken or really screwed up. The doctor that I saw said, after an X-ray or two or three, that there was no bone chipping or anything else like that. So, she said to have me follow up with my normal doctor sometime this coming week. She also told me to promptly return if sharp and intense pains return and/or I have numbness anywhere in my right arm.

So some 3.5 hours and an ungodly about of money that my health insurance will pay, I was in and out of urgent care. I did finally get seen by a doctor around 7pm and by 8pm was out the door. So once I was seen, really it did not take that long to get everything done.

I am still in a little pain, and after talking to the doctor, it sounds like I should be. Anyway, enough of the pain and suffering and onto some fun! Below is a video called, The Seventh Sense". It might be NSFW (Not Safe For Work), depending on your work environment. Really, it’s tame as there is no cussing or nudity. Anyway, Enjoy!

The Seventh Sense

Posted Aug 30, 2001
A spoof of "The Sixth Sense" in which an afflicted boy people.
Tags: keyword-204
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