Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

The things I can do to my self...

So here I sit, wating in chairs for a doctor to see me at Urgent Care. I really do not know why they call this place Urgent Care because there is nothing urgent about this place. It took me about 30 mins just to get seen by a nurse just for my vitals and the normal, "What the hell is wong with you question?".

Now I am being told that its anywhere from an hour to 2.5 hours before I can be seen by a doctor. That does not even include the time for the X-Ray I know I am going to need.

I guess I should clue you all in on what I did to wind up sitting here in Urgent Care. Last night, I was leaning my right hand on the edge of the refrigerator door. I leaned in to get something out of the frig when I had to sneeze, which I did. Well when I sneezed I felt my right sholder pop out of place then pop back in, followed by an ass load of pain.

So being the Tuff Guy that I am, I figured that I would just sleep it off and it would be all better in the morning. Well it was still hurting this morning when I woke up, so I then told my self that I would get it looked at after I get off work if it was still bothering me. Well surprise surprise, it still hurts.

I did try and get into see my normal doctor, but the only time they could get me in was 9:30 tomorrow morning and even then they would not have access to the X-Ray machine. So no luck there.

Funny thing is that a co-worker and his wife / girlfriend just sat down next to me. Small small world that it is.

Anyway, I am tempted to run down the street and get dinner and then come back because I am freaking hungry.

I will let you all know what the doctor tells me if and when I get to see a doctor.
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