Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

3-Alarm Building Fire Near My Office

The following picture is of a building near my office going up in a large 3-alarm fire late last night. The building at the intersection of Edith and Industrial Ave NE is just 2/10th of a mile from my office.

The fire, which was reported around 9:30pm last night quickly grew from a 1-Alarm to a 2-Alarm and then into a 3-Alarm fire. More then 60 firefighters responded to the fire. By the time I got down to the office around 10:45pm to secure the building, the fire had already engulfed a large area of the building that was on fire.

Industrial & Edith Fire

Industrial & Edith Fire

Industrial & Edith Fire

Industrial & Edith Fire

Even this afternoon, more then 18 hours after the fire started, smoke could still be seen pouring out of the building.
Industrial & Edith Fire 18 Hours After
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