Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Burning Down The House (Or Trying Not To)...

So tonight I had my first fire (in the fireplace) of my house. LOL. I got home a little past 7pm and walked in the house and thought it was a tad cold. So I look at the t-stat and notice that its 70 degrees in the house and it is only going to get colder as the night goes on. Heck, when I woke up this morning the house was at 65 degrees.

So with that, I decided that I was going to build a fire cus I am not ready to light the pilot light on my heater (yes, I am cheap). I've got a nice fire going, and its 75 degrees. Anyway, with that, time for the real update that I have been meaning to write for a while now.

Work has been work. Last week started good and just went down hill from there. For those of you who know me IRL (in real life), might know that I have been battling our gate at work. Last Wednesday our dispatcher called me and asked me if I was doing anything with the gate. I said no and asked her why. She told me that the gate just opened on its own and now would not close. GREAT!

So, after some end-run, I finally figured out who we use to work on our gate and gave them a call. They got someone down there and did some work on the gate and all seamed to be good. Then came Thursday and the gate was back to its old tricks. Called the guys back again, they came out tested everything and could not figure out what was wrong. But they told me that if it acted up again, they would come back and replace the whole control board.

Move on to Friday and I get into the office around noon and the gate is standing wide open again. So once again I call the gate comapny and they send one of the techs out to replace the control board. He says that he is also going to be the tech on call this weekend and that if I have any other issues, to call him. I had to run out to DHL which is out by the airport since I wanted to make sure a return part got to Dell. Upon my return to the office, I found the gate standing wide open.

I called him back again, and only got his voice mail. So I tried the rest button on the control board and no luck. No matter what I tried, I could not get the gate to shut. Finally I figured out a way to shut the gate. The tech called me back not long after and said that he would talk with his company about getting a quote to replace the loop sensors.

I got the quote today, and sign off on it. 600 dollars to replace both loop sensors was not bad and what we all thought would be the fix (heck, it was the only thing left that we had not replaced yet. Also today the tech came back and put our old control board back in since we figured that was not the issue.

So they all left and I had to go do some work on our network to get some UPS's and surge protectors installed. I am just finishing up when Sean (does a lot of our fleet work) comes up to my office to tell me that the gate is standing wide open again. So I thanked him, and after he had walked off screamed a cus word really loud.

I called the tech back again and told him what was going on and he just had no clue what it could be. At this point we have replaced everything in the gate that would have any affect on this. So he is going to talk with the guys at his office and rack there brain to see if they can figure this one out.

Other then that, life is good. Not too much going on, which is the way I like.
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