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Arm deep in a printer...

Thats what I did today at work. I rebuilt a laser printer, and had a crap load of fun doing it. I forgot how much it is to rip apart something, just to clean it, and put it back together. Having it work again is also a major plus.

So, last night I had the 2 of the guys from the Bethany College Chior staying at my place, and it was fun. We watched MTV till like midnight, something I have not done in ages. Also, let me say that I did not even know half of the showes that came on (Ok, I think I really just dated my self). I also looked at some of these shows, and went, this is why people hate Americans.

Also last night, I went to the concert for the Bethany College Chior, and it was great. They were really good, and I had a really fun and great time. Not to mention, I sat next to Erik (Pastor at my church), and every now and then, he would lean over and make a comment, causing me to laff my butt off. One such comment was "Nothing like Sweadish Bondage Music". My mom was wondering what I was laffing at, and when I told here, she was like "Well, I was thinking the same thing". So, I'm guessing that I was the only one did not have my mind in the sub gutter, which I must say is a first.

Now, I must say that this week is shaping up to be crap, but not in a bad way. Just busy crap. So, last night I went to the concert, and then had 2 of the young people from Bethany. Tonight, I have to fix a member of my congergations computer at 5:30pm, and then go fix a friends computer at 8pm. Wednesday night, I have logos. Thursday I have a metting with our Verizon rep, which is going to be lots o fun and, I start house sitting for the Davis, and I do that until Sunday, April 16th. Then Friday night, I'm sill house sitting, and I'm also baby sitting for another member of my congergation. I also do that again on Sunday. So, my schedule is filling up quick, and I still have to have "me time" somewhere in there.

I also just found out that one of the servers did not backup like it should have, so now I have to run a full backup on the server (yea, fun, not). This is not the first time that it has done this, and I just have not made the time to call the NOVaSTOR tech support to ream them out about why there product is such fucking crap. It really is. On our Windows 2000 server, we are running version 8.0, which is running ok, just takes a long time to do a very simple test restore, like in the 1 hour range for a small text file. We used to have 7.5 on the Win 2000 server, but it was hit or miss if it was going to work. On our new Windows 2003 SQL Server, I tried version 8.0, but it would backup, but never restore anything which is no good, cus well, the whole point of a backup is to be able to restore the crap if need be. So, I have version 7.5 on there right now, and when it works, it works great. I will restore the same test file I talked about above, in about 1 min, which is good time. For the most part, it will backup, and for the most part it will restore, but every now and then, it throwes a memory error at me, and will not work worth crap. On our Windows NT 4.0 server, we are using the built in backup agent, and it works fine. Every now and then that will give me a Dr. Watson error, but I can deal with that.

I did try using the Microsoft backup agent built into both Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server, but I was not happy with it. Even less happy then I am using the NOVaSTOR crap. It may just be the fact that I have not had enuff time to do research on it, and get it working like I need it to. So, lets just say that is on my short list of things that need to be fixed or done.

Well, thats my post for now. It's 5:15 PM, and I'm trying to get the hell out of here, but the server is still working away, so I may have to comeback and get that backup tape, and put in the one for tonight.

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