Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Kid Nation

So tonight I watched Kid Nation on CBS and all I really have to say is: I came, I saw, It sucked! I wanted to see what all the hype was about, and really? There was too much hype and it was just not worth it.

So just for a second lets forget about the issues I had with the production of this show. With my views of the production aside, I felt like the show moved very slow. Even with watching it on my DVR, and skipping all the commericals (and even part of the show cus I got bored), the show still felt like it took longer then an hour. They could have gotten all the stuff in to a half hour show and not lost anything at all.

Also, there was just way too much drama on that show for me. It felt like I had 40 freaking kids around me, fighting all the time and was just too much. Hell, I have worked for 3 different schools (2 public, 1 private) so far in my life and it was worse then the worse day there. At least in school the kids are at least half way behaved.

Over all the show just sucked, and I really think it sucked worse then anything you might find on say Discovery Kids on Saturday mornings. I have already deleted the timer for Kid Nation on my DVR and I can tell you that I will find something else on Wednesday nights at 7pm to watch other then Kid Nation.
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