Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

So New Mexicans Are Alcoholics

The following is from our daily news paper, The Albuquerque Journal.

"New Mexicans are thirsty -- The average New Mexican adult comsumes about 25 gallons of beer a year, according to the Beer Institute."

So assuming 2 gallons per month, that is 256 ounces. Now assuming that that the average New Mexican adult is drinking 12 ounce beers that equals out to just over 21 beers.

That is three 6-Packs + change a month. That is a lot of beer and remember that is just the average New Mexican.

Heck, even if they are drinking "tall boys" which are 16 ounce beers, that is still 16 beers a month. No wonder we have so many alcoholics in New Mexico and so many DWI / DUI crashes.
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