Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Disaster Emergency Plan

One of the things that have been on my to-do list at work for a while now is a draft of a disaster emergency plan for the company I work for. I got a lot of the small leg work out of the way early on, but now I must start writing the plan and really have no clue where to start.

Right now, I have a over all of what I want the plan to look like, what needs to go in it, what I want to go in it, and so on, but I just have no clue on how to start.

I guess a good place to start might be some executive summery or something that describes my company, the nature of our business or something like that. I guess next might be a table of contents (which can only be done after it is written)

Now I know that there will be parts of the plan that I will not be able to do until I can get imput from our other divisions and employees, but I figure I will just skip over that stuff when it comes time, leaving space and/or notes to fill in at a later time.

But I still do not know how to start. I've got writers block. I am sure that once I get past the first paragraph or so, I will be my normal long winded self. But, until then I have a blank document just waiting to be filled up.
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