Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Clippy Can Get Hoodwinked...

What is this world coming to when "Clippy" is not even safe anymore?

Microsoft is throttling a potentially evil paperclip this Patch Tuesday: Namely, a critical vulnerability in its Microsoft Agent--aka "Clippy"--that can open a system up to hijacking.

The security advisory for Microsoft Agent, MS07-051, is the only critical release out of four security advisories the company put out on Sept. 11. It addresses a vulnerability whereby Clippy can get hoodwinked by a malicious URL and can then be used to take over a targeted system without ever appearing to the user.

The above text came from an article in eWeek (a technology magazine) and is my way of offering a friendly reminder to make sure that your computer has all the latest patches.

To make sure your computer has the latest updates, run Microsoft / Windows Update.
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