Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Groundhog day (Monday) x 4 (And I do not care to make it 5)

Hands down this has to have been the total freaking week from hell. I have had some week's from hell before, but I really think this one takes the freaking cake. All I have been doing all week is running around putting out fires. If it is not one thing, its another, and some times it was both.

Monday was Labor Day, and even with it being a hoilday, I still found my self doing some work in the office, just trying to get caught up from last week and doing some things that have to be done hoilday or no hoilday. I do not even remember Tuesday, but I know it was just as busy and I know I somehow had 9 hours for the day.

Wednesday started when I was still in bed at 7:30am in the morning. I was just about to go hop in the shower when the office called saying the whole network was down and no one could do anything. So I jumped out of bed like my ass was on fire, got dressed and ran down to the office.

After spending some time looking over stuff, I finaly figured out what the hell had gone wrong and I figured out a temparary work around that would at least allow everyone to get back up and going so I could find / buy replacement equipment to replace the bad peice of equipement.

Also on Wednesday our new color laser printer came in, so I had to get that up and running to replace a our color ink jet printer which was leaking ink and just really started to die a slow death. So really getting the new printer up and running was really not that hard, but just another thing that I had to do.

After I sat up the printer, I finaly got around to fixing a problem a co-worker had with a image not printing right. By the time everything was said and done on Wednesday, I had over 11 hours for the day. At this point I had about 30 hours for the week, when I should only have 20 or so.

Today starts by me getting woken up at 8am when a co-worker calls saying that his e-mail is gone. After spending 30 mins fixing the problem remotely, I hope in the shower, get dressed, and get to the office. Upon ariving to the office, I get word that the president of the company, his computer's network connection is again not working, even after I thought I had gotten that fixed on Wednesday.

So after spending a better part of the morning troublshooting the issues, I figure out that the cable that goes from his network port back up to the switch in the server room has gone dead. So now I have to figure out how in the hell this cable goes upstaris and over about 100 feet to where our server room is. Finaly I found how the cable got up stairs and started to replace it.

Where I was working up stairs, the A/C is shut off in that part of the building and it was not worth turning it on since I would have to get into the roof and do somethings to get it back on in the area I was working. So I finaly got the physical wire pulled, and at that point it was 6pm, so I decided that was a good point to stop for the night.

So after work, I meet my parents at Carrabba's Italian Grill for dinner and it was nice to relax a bit. Anyway, its late, this post has gotten way longer then I wanted. I am going to bed, and I hope to wake up to a Friday, and not 5th Monday.
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