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Picture Post - I think it's dead Jim...

You know how you have those days where you feel like you should have never gotten out of bed? That was today.

I was still lying in my bed flipping between CNN Headline News and the Today Show on the TV when my cell phone started to make noise. Remembering that all my alarms had already gone off, I quickly realized someone was calling me. I looked at the caller id and realized it was one of our work numbers. First thing out of my mouth before I even answer the phone is "This is not going to be good", and boy how right I was.

When I answer the phone, Laura (one of our office staff) tells me that she and everyone else can not get on-line and that she had problems logging in this morning. So, I figure our T-1 went dead sometime in the middle of the night. I tell her that I will look into it and call her back.

After troubleshooting it as best I can from home, I figure out that its not our T-1 and has to be a problem with some piece of equipment in the office. So I call Laura back, and tell her that I am on my way in to the office. On the way in, I call Lobo Internet, our ISP, and make sure they can see everything on there end, which they could only see about half they stuff they should have.

So upon arriving at the office I walk up to my office, and walk in the server room and discover that one of our big 12-port switches is not powered on at all. It also figures that this switch (we have 4) is the one that everything major connects to, and also what the other 3 switches connect to (which is why no one could get on the network). So I reroute all the ports that where on that switch on to our others and reconfigure the network and get everything back up.

183690387077.jpgAfter dealing with some other issues that had arisen because of this, I get a chance to look at the bad switch. I pull the cover off and right away can tell that it’s never going to be of the living again.

The switch got fried really hard (picture at right), and there is no chance I could ever bring this thing back from the living. If it was just one of the boards the got fried, I might be able to find a replacement, but both boards got it, and it also locked the bearings on both the fans too. What ever it was, we got lucky it did not take anything else with it.

As best as I can tell, we had to have taken some sort of power hit and/or a lighting strike here at the office last night. A bunch of other shit was fuked up too and lots of our printers, routers, and other switches had to be power-cycled before everything would work right again.

So right now it’s just a bit after 11am, I still have not had my morning shower and I also missed both my classes today as I will still dealing with issues when I would have had to leave to make my second class. I still have to go find and buy a new switch today, which I will install sometime tonight after everyone has gone home for the day.

But, this is all part of my job and really part of what I live for even if it does suck sometimes.
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