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Going Green, Or As Green As I Can...

When I moved in to my house back in May, I made a decision that I was going to try and be as green as I could in this house. Now with that said, I am not going all "off the grid" or any crap like that, but going green does have advantages not only for the earth, but also for me. Ya, come on, me do anything with out it somehow benefiting me? Ya right! LOL.

When I moved in I started to replace all the Incandescent Light Bulbs with new Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Light Bulbs. So not only do I have a smaller energy bill since CFL's use about 1/4 the power of a normal bulb, but they also last for like 5 years. I still have about 3 bulbs in the house that I want to replace with CFL's, but I have not bought them yet since they are 3-way bulbs and I need to order them from the interweb.

Another way that I am going to go green is a service called "GreenDimes". For $15.00, GreenDimes removes you from the junk mail list that the Direct Marketing Association keeps and makes sure every month that your name still does not appear on the list. The Direct Marketing Association represents over 3,600 member companies. This should get rid of about 90% of my junk mail. Plus included in that $15.00, GreenDimes plants 10 trees on your behalf. How freaking cool is that?

One more thing I am going to do is change my subscription to the Albuquerque Journal. I almost never ever read the Sunday paper, and only read the Saturday paper about 50% of the time. So, not only am I paying for something that I do not use, it is also wasting trees too. By cutting my subscription back to a Monday thru Friday, I should be able to save some trees that would now not have to be cut down due to my subscription to the paper.

One last thing that has already happened due to me dropping my land line a few months ago, is no more phone books. Phone books are a huge waste of paper each year, and I almost never used mine anyway. Even at work, I always use the internet when I need to look up phone numbers or an address of someone and/or something. So bye bye phone books, hello more trees.

I hope my post might inspire you to try and be a bit more green. We all have to live here on this earth, and I would like to hope that we could do more good for it then we are doing bad. I know that I am wasteful in other ways, but every little bit helps. What are you doing to help the earth?
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