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Update from work: Daylight savings time & G-Mail

Ok, so yes, I'm updating from work. Just like the subject says. But today, the subject says more. It also has stuff about Daylight Savings Time & G-mail.


Yes, I do work on the weekend. I figured out today, that I work 6 days a week, and really dont have a problem with it. No, it's not just the money, but I like what I do. So, I dont mind working on the weekends. Plus, when I go to full time, I can take any afternoon or morning off that I want, cus I makeup for it on the weekend. Or, if I dont take anytime off when I'm full time, it's just a shit load of over time. For me, over time is payed at $18 per hour, so hell ya. But also on the weekends it is so much more relaxed. There are no phones ringing. There are no people bugging me to help them with crap. For the most part, there are no other people around. If there is someone else here, then it is most normaly a tech, just grabbing a part of something else. Also, with the weekends, I can wear what I want to the office. Like right now, I'm in kaky pants, a tee-shirt, and sandles. So, it's all good. So, thats whats going on here in the office right now. Just trying to blow out some crap that needs to be done.

Since I'm on the topic of work, the other thing I like about working at / for CAC Inc. is that I can work from home over the VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows me to connect to my network at the office, just as if I was in the building. So, I dont alwase have to goto the office to get paid, which is a major plus, and as the price of gas goes up, I do think I will be trying to do more from home, cus, I be poor. LOL. So, enuff about work for right now, but lets talk about Daylight Savings Time.

Daylight Savings Time

Yes, that. It happends tonight, well, Sunday morning at 2PM, but you know what I mean. So, dont forget to turn your clocks ahead tongiht. Cus, if you dont, you may have problems making your Sunday morning apoitments. Also, I thought most people know about this, but I was talking to the person who used to do my job (he was helping me with somethings at the office today), and he has a early flight out in the morning, so I was like "JP, dont forget, tongiht is Daylight Savings Time", and he was like "Thats this F*** weekend?". My response was "Yes". JP then asked me, "This is the one where we set our clocks forward, right?". Again, my response was "Yes". JP then said, "Damn, I would have missed my flight." LOL. So, posting this so you all know.


OK, so you made it thru that, now I know you want some reward right? So, here it is. GMAIL. Yes, I said GMAIL. I have like 45 or more invites to GMAIL, so if you want one, post a comment here. If you want to know what GMAIL is, click here.

So, that is it for now. Like I said, if you want a gmail account, just ask.

Mr. K
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