Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Fun with Web 2.0: Magnetic Fridge Poetry

I am sure that everyone knows about "Magnetic Fridge Poetry". You know the magnetic words that you put on your fridge and you can then drag them around and aranage them in to funny lines of poetry or what ever you want?

Well a guy I know of, whom is a programer in the UK, created a little program that does that, only on your computer screen. So, lets just say I had some fun with that tonight as I was waiting for some launrdy to come out of the washer and dryer.

Should I have been sleeping? Ya. Did the laundry need to get done, YES. Did I have fun doing this? You better bet you sweet butt I did. Am I going to give out the web address for this little program? No not yet. He just created this beacuse he could and it might not be ready for the utter masses to get turned loose on it. Plus it does not work in IE. I had to bring up Safari to get it to work right.
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