Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Made it...

I made it up to Milwaukee just fine. I had fun today just farting around and seeing some stuff. I went to The Miller Brewery Tour, which was about an hour or so long, and also included free samples (read as full glasses) of beer. Then after the tour, I drove around town for a little bit killing some time before my dinner reserverations at Maders.

Dinners at Maders was great. No wait, strike that, it was freaking better then great. I do not get to eat that much Germon food in Albuquerque, but it blew what little I get right out of the water. I had the Germon sampler which was just awsome. I have no clue what it had on it, but everything on it was great!

After dinner, since I still had some time before it got dark, I drove down to where my training is going to be, and found the building so that I know right where it is. One sick this I did do this afternoon, was on my way from the airport to my hotel, I was talking with my sister. Well, I had forgoten to pull my maps out of my back pack so I could know where I was going. So about half way in to the drive I figure this out, and just go "O well, if I get lost, I get lost".

Now here is where the really sick part comes in, I got right to the hotel with no problems, and with never looking at my map or any directions. I have been in town for almost 8 hours, and I already know my whole way around this place (for the most part). There are days when my sense of direction even surpises me.

My rental car is a 5 speed sport shift Mazda M6 (Nice Freaking Car), which is a much better car then I had signed up for (and they are not up charging me). Its nice to have a rental car that does not suck balls like most rentals I have had. I will get to know my rental car very well as I have a 14 mile, one way commute to where the training is.

My hotel is the Best Western Waukesha Grand and I must say that for a Best Western and as little as I am paying for it (well the company is paying for it) it is really nice. One thing about it is that its right next to the Waukesha airport, which really is just a small regional air strip. The flight path is just to the north of my window, which for most people would suck, but for me I am loving it.

The aircraft are not that large, and really do not land all the offen, nor do they make that much noise. Plus I am loving looking at the aircraft that come sailing right past my window. I know, I am sick like that, so for me this is not a bad place at all.

One bad thing of the day was my connection at O'hare. My flight from ABQ to ORD was just a tad late getting in, which normaly is not a big issue. Execpt for today, beacuse I only had 30 min's between flights. So after landed and I used the mens room, I looked at one of the monitors and found my flight. Next to my flight it said "Now boarding...". So I was like CRAP. So I started speed walking, and by the time I got to the gate my flight was was at, my ankle was killing me. So it looks like I will still be in the aircast for the rest of the week. FUN! NOT! LOL.

Anyway, this post has gotten way too long, and I still need to go find a slum-mart (wal-mart) / Target so I can pick up some things I forgot (like a bathing suit so I can soke my ankle in the hot tub thing.
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